November 5, 2020

Following the launch of our Hill Sixty Coffee & Tea speciality hot drinks brand in 2019, we have been supplying a range of artisan roasted coffee beans (whole bean or ground to order to suit your brewing method).

At the stronger end, the Guatemalan roast is what our customers tend to choose when we make them a flat white, but it also works well in every kind of brewing method; while the French Continental roast works really well as a filter coffee or in a cafetiere/French press. However our strongest bean, and a relative newcomer to the Hill Sixty range is the High Roast Columbian, which has gained a loyal following.

In the medium bodied range, our House Signature Roast is consistently the most popular coffee in the range, giving a lovely flavour and finish, while working well with every brewing method – As good in a latte as in a cafetiere. However the addition of our Arabica Light Roast, with its rich chocolate notes and caramel finish is a wonderful alternative for a medium strength all day coffee.

At the lighter end of the flavour range, the Rwanda Rutonde Kinini is a bit different, bringing sweeter, fruity notes to your cup. A delight as a cappuccino, espresso or filter jug. Or a familiar name to coffee drinkers, our Old Brown Java beans from Indonesia, with its earthy, woody taste and rich full body.

And for those looking to enjoy quality coffee flavours while keeping the caffeine count down, why not try our Swiss Water Decaffeinated roast? A chemical free process of decaffeination leaves a clean, full flavour, but allows you to drink it any time of the day or night.