Swiss Water Decaffeinated


100% chemical-free decaffeinated coffee bean
Strength 1/5

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The Swiss Water Decaffeinated coffee beans are a new bean at Chocolate Fayre. Fruit and nut chocolate, with a medium body and soft acidity. It works particularly well for espresso machines and stove top brewing methods. We enjoy it as filter coffee at home too.

The Swiss water method is an innovative, 100% chemical free decaffeination process removing caffeine for coffee roasters, yet preserving the key flavour elements of the beans to ensure a full flavour profile is still enjoyed with just 0.01% caffein (even less than the majority of instant decaf coffees!).

Please choose whether you would like us to send whole beans if you have your own coffee grinder, or whether you’d like us to grind it to order specifically to suit your preferred brewing method.

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Whole Bean, Cafetière/French Press, Filter, Espresso/Stove Top