Tasters Club

Tasters Club

June 1, 2016

The Chocolate Tasters’ Club is the gift that keeps on giving. Each month we carefully select a winning combination of exciting new chocolate flavours alongside established favourites for our most dedicated chocoholics to taste and enjoy. Simply choose how many months you would like these to be sent for, and we’ll take care of the rest. Each month, we will send out a different box of 12 or 24 chocolates to sample, spreading even more happiness through chocolate.

And don’t worry – when your subscription finishes, we do not automatically roll you over into another subscription unexpectedly. That choice is left entirely to you!

Chocolate Tasters Club Subscription


Selected Luxury Chocolates delivered to your door every month.

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A box filled with a different selection of 24 (2 each of 12 different flavours) or 12 fabulous chocolates, combining new and exciting varieties with classic customer favourites, with taster description notes of each chocolate, delivered every month to your door. That’s what a subscription to the Chocolate Tasters Club provides.

The longer you subscribe for, the less you pay per box. Plus after the first month, we pay for your postage every month. And when your subscription period has ended, we will NOT automatically roll it over. However we will send you a discount offer for a further subscription*, which you can choose to renew or not, without any pressure.

So far, our Tasters Club members have tried almost 400 different chocolates, with many more great new flavours planned to be included in future members’ boxes.

“The Wanless family have been absolutely delighted with the tasting club chocolates that we have received so far. We received our latest box today and they look really good, there may be some issues over who is having what!!! We wait with anticipation for our next box. We shall be continuing with our membership when the present one expires. Thank you for bringing that anticipation back for us!”

Your first Tasters Club selection will be sent out immediately with the current month’s chocolates. Thereafter, you’re selections will be dispatched around the second week of each month, arriving usually around the third week of the month for you to enjoy.

(NB: Contents will vary from images shown of previous Taster’s Club selections)

*Discount does not apply to single month subscriptions

Additional information

Allergen Information

This product contains the following allergens: DAIRY, GLUTEN, NUTS (Almonds, Hazelnuts, Peanuts, Pecan Nuts, Pistachio Nuts, Walnuts), SOYA, alcohol. It may also contain small traces of egg.

Please note that these selections are set and therefore cannot accomodate special dietary requirements or specific flavour dislikes


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