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Hill Sixty Coffee Beans

We’ve finally made all of our Hill Sixty coffees available to buy and be posted out online, so that you can still relax and enjoy a wonderful coffee at home.

Coffee machine & Mug

No matter how you brew your coffee at home, we can supply coffee as whole beans for you to grind yourself (if you have a coffee bean grinder), or you can choose to have them ground freshly to order, to suit your brew method, whether it be for a cafetière/French press, filter system, home espresso machine or stove top pot.

Ordinarily we brew coffee in the shop from one of four different beans, which our customers can chose from. We’ve now added a further three brand new beans for you to try from our online shop. Here they are (click on the name to link to the product):

  • House Signature Roast – Full, deep body and smooth subtle acidity with chocolate and nutty notes, it works superbly well for any brewing method
  • Guatemala Coban – Dark chocolate flavours shine through the luxuriously rich hazelnut top notes with hints of dark fruits. Strong, full bodied, ideal for someone who really loves a big coffee flavour
  • Rwanda Rutonde Kinini – A truly special clean tasting, vibrant coffee with flavours of orange, honey, nectarine and chocolate. A lighter coffee that works brilliantly for filter and cafetière brewing
  • House Decaffeinated Bean Roast – Full, deep bodied chocolate flavours with a smooth, subtle acidity. Work well for filter and cafetière brewing.
  • Brazil Fairetrade Beans – New to the our range, these beans make an exuberant coffee crammed full of fruity and hazelnut notes.
  • French Continental Blend – New to our range. Clean citrus notes and flavours of dark fruits and almonds, akin to the traditional coffee enjoyed on holiday in France. Works well for all brewing methods.
  • Swiss Water Decaffeinated Beans – New to our range, the 100% chemical free decaffeination process removes caffeine for coffee roasters, yet preserves the key flavour elements of the beans to ensure a full flavour profile. Fruit and nut chocolate, with a medium body and soft acidity. It works particularly well for espresso machines and stove top brewing methods.

All coffees are available in 250g bags at a flat price of £5.95.

Hill Sixty Coffee Beans

Hill Sixty Coffee Beans