Visser Boozy Picasso Collection


Stunning selection of Visser Boozy Picasso chocolates


10 fabulously flavoured large chocolate domes filled with unusual boozy fillings and flavours make up the Visser Boozy Picasso Collection. The stunning decoration is the hallmark of Frank Visser’s chocolates. And the flavours are as stunning and unusual as the design. Flavours include Tennessee Whiskey, Orange Liqueur & Thyme, Amaretto & Almond Ganache, Espresso Coffee Liqueur, and Cognac Jelly & Dark Cognac Ganache. A stunning and unusual gift for any chocolate lover or foody.

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Allergen Information

This product contains the following allergens: DAIRY, SOYA, ALCOHOL. It may also contain small traces of gluten and nuts.

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